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Hello to everyone. What are you doing these days? How are your days going? Are you enjoying Autumn? I'm busy with shopping and searching for clothes this time. Since we are a big family of 5, our need for clothes is never-ending. Someone always needs new clothes.
 Of course, as always, I research fashion-related sites to shop online. As you know, this is my favorite shopping art :) My research went in this direction when we needed a few gifts for my friends with small babies and clothes for me and my daughter.
Today I will make suggestions from a site I have just discovered. Popopie sells beautiful clothes for babies, toddlers, and mothers alike. There are so many options that I had a hard time deciding which one to choose. But I have prepared collages both to order and to suggest to you. I hope you will like them.

My Popopie Wishlist



Mommy and me outfits were the ones that caught my attention and liked the most. Had a hard time choosing with my daughter. She was very happy that we would wear the same clothes together, too. Don't you think they are very harmonious and beautiful combinations? We have chosen three for now, but I think we will visit the brand's online sales page again for more in the future. More than one time of course:)

My second suggestion would be clothes for baby girls. Both daily wear, clothes for Halloween, and Christmas clothes. The company has kept its collection extremely wide. I'm sure this will be a shopping page that girls and mothers will love. A lot of stylish colorful clothes for little fashion ladies.
Did you like the clothes I chose? I love them.  There are so many things that can be bought both for our own use and as gifts. I will no longer have a hard time looking for something new. Since some of my friends have little girls I will always need something to buy as a gift to them.
I recommend you to visit the Popopie page and examine many other models that I could not fit into my article. You will surely find something suitable for your taste and budget. There are several paying options and if you buy a certain amount you can have your clothes with free shipping. I think this is a good advantage.
Thanks for visiting and reading my article.

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