Permanent Hair Removal With IPL Laser Devices


Permanent hair removal with IPL is no longer a new beauty trend. Rather, it is a great treatment with which you can treat different parts of the body at lightning speed and thus ensure a hair-free future on legs, armpits, and Co.

The majority of us will be searching for the best permanent hair removal at home. No wonder, most devices are now so fast that an IPL treatment can be done quickly in the morning after a shower. So basically everything speaks in favor of this type of hair removal. I would like to talk to you about my new hair removal device from lukelady. After some usage time (1month) I think it's now the right moment to write a review. My device is Lukelady Home Ice-Sense IPL Laser Hair Removal. Let me now give you some detailed information:

What is IPL hair removal and how does it work?

IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light and means that light energy is converted into heat energy. If the IPL device emits a flash, this light energy penetrates the skin surface and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. Because this absorbed light energy is converted into heat, several hairs are desolated at the same time and gradually fall out.

Several treatments are necessary because our hair is all in different growth phases and hormonal changes also play an important role in IPL hair removal. This is where a suitable treatment plan comes into play in order to reach all hair in the different growth phases after a certain time.

So it can be said that IPL stands for permanent hair removal. Due to the desolation of the individual hairs, they no longer grow back. Another plus point is that the hair in the treated areas is generally finer and less likely to grow back. The end result can vary from person to person - but on average you can expect a hair reduction of around 90%.

What is the difference between laser and IPL?

The difference between laser hair removal and IPL is the type of light. Both hair removal methods have in common that light energy is converted into heat energy and the blood supply to the hair roots is stopped. As a result, those hairs that are currently in an active growth phase fall out.

With lasers, higher temperatures are involved, which can then act more specifically on the hair follicle. IPL devices, on the other hand, work with a wide wave spectrum - this light does not penetrate as far as that of the laser. At first glance, laser treatment seems more effective. But it must also be emphasized that laser treatment can only be carried out in a cosmetic studio, is extremely expensive, and also a little more painful. Here you can find my experience report on laser hair removal.

What skin types does IPL hair removal work for?

IPL treatment works best on dark hair and light skin. Slightly more applications require lighter hair on slightly tanned skin. IPL does not work on blonde hair, which is because this light treatment only works if there are dark pigments in the hair follicle.

So let's summarize that black, brown, and dark blonde hair on lighter skin tones are ideally suited for IPL treatment. It becomes difficult or rather impossible with blonde, gray, or reddish hair and very dark skin colors such as dark brown or black.

Caution: A subtle summer tan is normally not a problem for the IPL device. The skin tone sensor tells the device exactly whether you can treat it or not. If you are sunburned, you should never use the device.

Is IPL Hair Removal Painful?

Although the IPL device emits warm flashes of light, the treatment itself is extremely painless. Compared to the laser treatment in the studio, you only feel a gentle warmth here while you slide over the areas to be treated. Furthermore, in terms of pain, IPL hair removal cannot be compared with epilation or waxing - compared to light treatment, these are a real pain.

Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent?

Is Permanent IPL Hair Removal at Home Really Permanent? At least that's what people like to talk about when googling them. In the course of an IPL treatment, the hair grows finer and finer. After several treatments over a certain period of time, more and more hairs fall out, as this means that several hairs in active growth phases are achieved.

This means that you can expect a very good reduction in hair growth after just a few weeks. For me, it took about 3-5 months until the legs, bikini line and armpits were 90% hair-free. Because the remaining hairs grow back finer and much less, I only shave once a month or before I perform another IPL treatment.

What does that mean in plain language? You will still need to treat your hair at irregular intervals to prevent it from growing back. However, if you carry out the IPL treatment again and again after the first treatment phase, you will quickly notice that stubbly legs or armpits are a thing of the past.

Really permanent hair removal is absolutely possible, but it always depends on your own hair growth, skin type, hormonal balance, and the intensity of the treatments.

How often should I have IPL treatment?

The treatment plan with the Smoothskin Bare IPL hair removal device is as follows: Treatment is carried out once a week for the first 4 weeks. After this 4-week treatment, you can expect a reduction in hair growth of around 90%.

The treatment can then be extended to an interval of about two weeks. Depending on your needs, the IPL treatments are gradually reduced or only those areas where hair shows up again are treated as required.

Because our hair is in different growth phases, it needs several treatments or it requires a new treatment every few months. Due to the rapid application, this does not represent an enormous effort.

How do I prepare my skin for an IPL treatment?

I have now described in detail how hair removal with IPL works. Before attempting the treatment, however, it is important to prepare the areas of the skin to be treated. It's not that complicated either, all you have to do is shave well and leave your skin clean and dry. Furthermore, no gels or creams should be used before or during an IPL treatment.

Very important: You should not wax or epilate before hair removal with IPL. This damages or removes the hair shaft, which is supposed to absorb the light energy during the treatment.

What does the treatment with an IPL device look like?

Smoothskin Bare IPL hair removal is almost self-explanatory. All you have to do is connect the device to the mains with the enclosed cable. If the skin tone sensor on the head section lights up blue and the fan starts, the device is ready for use.

The device is now pressed firmly onto the area of ​​skin to be treated. The IPL device now checks the skin tone and as soon as it is ready, the indicators on the activation button light up white. You can now press this button, a light pulse is emitted and you can feel a slight sensation of warmth. Furthermore, a distinction can also be made between impulse or sliding mode.

The pulse mode is best for small areas of skin such as armpits or face. Here the device is placed on the skin as just described and the activation button is pressed once. The device is then removed from the skin and placed on the next area to be treated. Especially with the armpits, I like to use the IPL device several times in the same place (but not more often than 3x), since the armpits are more stubborn areas.

The sliding mode, on the other hand, is intended for larger areas of skin such as the legs, back, or bikini area. So those parts of the body where you can slide over them in one go. The IPL device is placed at the desired location, the activation button is held down and the device is guided evenly and slowly over the skin between the light pulses.

How do I take care of my skin after hair removal with an IPL device?

After permanent hair removal with IPL is before post-treatment. Immediately after the treatment, slight redness cannot be completely ruled out; this depends, as always, on your own body and skin type. It is therefore definitely a good idea to use a good moisturizing cream for the treated areas after hair removal.

Products with aloe vera are very popular - these not only have a calming effect, but some of them also have a cooling effect. However, it is important to avoid particularly fatty care products d also those that are enriched with paraffin.

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